Chow Bella

Chef Matt Taylor Leaves Noca

Chow Bella has confirmed that the chef at one of the most popular restaurants in town is suddenly gone for good -- and during Restaurant Week. Awkward.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the rumor leaked that chef Matt Taylor was no longer at Noca. I called Taylor on his cell and left a message. No answer. I called Noca's owner Eliot Wexler. No answer. By Thursday afternoon, the rumor had spread. I received another phone call. Did I know Matt Taylor had left? Yes! I did! But no one was talking.

At 9 or so last night, I walked into Noca, where Restaurant Week revelers were still in full swing. Sure enough, Taylor wasn't there, but Wexler was. He confirmed that Taylor was gone for good but would not comment further "out of respect for Matt," he explained. He added that when I talked to Taylor, he would go on the record. And there's the rub. Taylor's gone but not talking.

Chow Bella will keep you posted on developments.

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Nikki Buchanan