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Cherry 7UP with Antioxidants Reviewed

It seems like every product on the market nowadays has to make a nod toward either being "green" or being healthy, so it is that we get the new Cherry 7Up with antioxidants. Now, if you live in Arizona you probably don't suffer from a shortage of vitamin E, the antioxidant in this bottle, but it's always nice to give yourself a reason to feel better about slurping down 100 empty calories. So is the taste worth it?

Verdict: I liked it, though I thought it could be lighter and less syrupy. We just did the great cherry cola face off, so I've had a lot of cherry sodas lately. The quality I most appreciate in original 7UP is crispness, so I was hoping to get more of that here, but overall it was very solid. I didn't taste the antioxidants but I did feel slightly better about drinking a soda that may have some negligible nutritional content. And the tasters?

Jasmine: "It smells like Alka-Seltzer."

Peter: "I just don't think 'healthy' and 'soda.' Maybe if it was diet."

Jay: "It's an odd marketing ploy. I don't get it."

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Martin Cizmar
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