Battle of the Dishes

Chicken & Waffle Warfare: Lo-Lo's vs. Louisiana Fried Chicken

For many, chicken and waffles is the quintessential comfort food. A plate of crispy fried chicken served on top of fluffy waffles with sweet maple syrup is like a favorite pair of pajamas on a rainy day or during the worst hangover. Speaking of hangovers -- if you have one, this is the meal you need to be eating

Phoenix has been blessed with some of the best at Lo-Lo's Chicken & Waffles, but we've been hearing rumors that a tiny chain chicken joint in South Phoenix called Louisiana Fried Chicken is cooking up a mean plate of our favorite comfort food.

Can its Louisiana spiced chicken take down long-standing champ Lo-Lo's Phoenix fried fowl?

May the best chicken (and waffles) win!

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Shannon Armour
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