Chow Bella Weighs in on Martin Cizmar's New Diet Book, Chubster

Remember Martin Cizmar? He was our music critic at Phoenix New Times (left last year, he's now at the Willamette Week in Portland, Oregon) and he also kicked up some dust in the Phoenix food community.

As you might recall, Cizmar got into a bit of a tiff with Earl's BBQ (there's still a "Wanted" posted up at Earl's with his picture on it); called out Papago Brewing on an April Fool's Day joke gone wrong; and thought that he could out-do the pros at a BBQ festival -- yeah, that guy.

Well, love him or hate him, Cizmar wrote a "how to lose weight book" and it totally blows.

Just kidding. It's actually really good. As far as diet books go, it may be the most informative and funny one I have read.

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Shannon Armour
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