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Chow Bella's 9 Most Dramatic Moments in the National Food (and Drink) Scene in 2012

We'll soon be saying sayonara to 2012, and as media custom would have it, we're taking a look back at the culinary news that inspired us, enraged us, made us hungry or just gave us a good laugh. In the world of food and drink (and frankly, we don't care about much else here at Chow Bella), the most dramatic national stories of the year were seldom of the heart-warming variety. In fact, to paraphrase Albert King, "If it wasn't for bad news, we wouldn't have no news at all."

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The funniest review we've read in ages, for example, was also the meanest. But alas, vicious and hilarious so often go hand-in-hand. Here's a final peek at the stories that had us talking and tweeting in 2012.

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Nikki Buchanan