Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the Hipster

What? Not done with your holiday shopping? Yeah, neither are we. But we've been making lists -- and checking them twice -- and we've got some suggestions for the nice people on your list. Today, Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the Hipster.

All right, we're going to preface this gift guide with a small pep talk. Don't be disheartened if the PBR-drinking, skinny-jean-wearing recipient of your gifts does not express outward emotions of joy and/or gratitude.

Rest assured that despite the eye-rolling, the theatrical sighs, and seeming indifference to all things mainstream, your gift this holiday season will be received with the muted applause and heartfelt one-worded response that speaks volumes among a soft spoken community of twenty-something trendsetters.

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A gift card to Lux Coffeebar Lux is coffee shop meets bar meets bakery meets restaurant. Question: Why are there not more of these? Answer: Because then it would no longer be cool. Quality is inversely correlated to quantity in the dining world of hipster foodie.

Take note, Lux Coffeebar has just about everything you won't find at Starbucks: mid-century furniture, decorative type writers, antique dish-ware, fresh made eats, and oh yeah, good coffee. They also keep the late night hours conducive for anyone opposed to getting up early to work for 'The Man.'

Camera Lens Mug Thanks to Urban Outfitters, a fool proof resource for hipster shopping, trendy creatives can now alternate between Instagramming photos of their food and enjoying endless cups of coffee in their imitation camera lens mug ($28).

What the Fuck Should I Make For Dinner? We'll be honest, the shock value of this cookbook far outweighs the originality of its expletive-infused recipes. That's not to say that this book isn't filled with some great dishes like pork loin with peach compote and lamb sausage with figs and greens . It's the perfect gift for a beginner chef and/or culinary sailor, and can be purchased at Changing Hands Bookstore ($15). Handlebar Mustache Corkscrew It's the facial hair fashion that just won't die. From the pencil to the handlebar, a mustache on the face can really be hit or miss. This plastic cartoon stache however can open bottles of wine, making it both more adorable and more useful than your everyday whiskers. Pick it up at Smeeks ($14) at its new location in the Biltmore Fashion Park's Union.

Vintage Pyrex dishes You can pick up these glass beauties at a variety of thrift and consignment stores. We found our selections at Zinnia's at Melrose ($15 to $32) in a variety of colors, cups, and mixing bowls. Vintage pyrex is great for mixing and matching, adding a pop of color to your countertops, and providing some much needed authenticity to your unique hipster kitchen.

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