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Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the Wine Lover

What? Not done with your holiday shopping? Yeah, neither are we. But we've been making lists -- and checking them twice -- and we've got some suggestions for the nice people on your list. Today, Chow Bella's Gift Guide for the wine lover.

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"Wine Monkey" wine cover, $9.99 at BevMo Fun and funky this wine cover doesn't monkey around. Based off of the sock money character by Fred, this knit cover slips over all types of bottles including champagne. It is sure to bring a smile to any party host's face and ensures the party-thrower won't forget which bottle you brought.

Sempli "wobble" cupa vino classes, $52 for a set of two Everyone always needs new wine glasses and these are sure to stand out from the average stemmed set. The glasses are hand blown and the "wobble" design assists in swirling and oxygenating the wine when you set the glass down. Just don't drink too much or the wobble might start to get to you!

Caduceus Touchdown Tee with artwork by Ramiro Rodriguez, $26.99 This limited edition tee is selling quickly! You don't have to go all the way to Jerome's Merkin Vineyards Tasting Room to get this great looking gift. You can also order many of their products, including t-shirts online, like this limited edition shirt with colorful, original artwork by Ramiro Rodriguez. For the uninitiated, Caduceus Cellars is a Verde Valley winery owned by Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan. The wines are great and for once, the associated merchandise is sure to please wine lovers both locally and nationwide.

Iceless wine chiller from the Wine Enthusiast, $19.95 It's tough to keep good bottle chilled here in Arizona. This thermal-insulated chiller keeps your pre-chilled wine or champagne bottle cool for up to 3 hours without ice! This means and end to wet, sloppy, slippery bottles. Its cool design also means your recipient will feel pretty cool using it too!

Moet & Chandon Imperial Champagne, $49.99. Available at Valley retailers. When purchasing champagne as a holiday gift, go for champagne. Not sparkling wine. Real champagne is made in Champagne, France. With flavors of Gala apple, honey and ginger, this one pairs well with white meats, fish and light fruits. Your recipient can take advantage of drinking it on New Years Eve or saving it for next holiday season.

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