Christopher Gross
Christopher Gross
Phoenix New Times

Christopher's Is Moving to Wrigley Mansion

Christopher's Restaurant & Crush Lounge will be moving from Biltmore Fashion Park to Wrigley Mansion in early 2018. Service at the new location — in the present Geordie's — will begin on February 1.

"Our lease is up," chef Christopher Gross said. "We decided to move up to the Wrigley with all the renovations being done there now."

Gross says the new kitchen will be the culinary equivalent of a Rolls Royce or Ferrari.

His food will be changing. It will be staying the same in spirit, but elements will be intensified. "All the things we do here in the restaurant now — we're going to really get more seasonal than we've ever been." He adds that the new location will offer food "uniquely different."

Many of Gross's greatest hits will be making the trip with him. He plans to keep cooking red bell pepper soup, chocolate mousse, terrine of foie gras, truffled filet, and house-smoked salmon.

Gross has been, through his various restaurants, cooking in Biltmore Fashion Park for the past 22 years. He'll stop cooking at Christopher's whenever the lease ends, a question still to be decided. He says the last meal at the present incarnation of Christopher's may even be the night before his next restaurant opens.

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