Citadelle Plaza Farmers Market in Glendale: What We Bought, What We Skipped, and What We're Still Lusting Over

The Spot: Citadelle Plaza Farmers Market, open Wednesday from 4 until 7 p.m.

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What We Bought: If you're in the North Valley, stop by the little Wednesday afternoon farmer's market in Citadelle Plaza. Our first must-buy was the very last bag of Frantic Foods' roasted almonds. Chances are that if there's only one left of anything, then it's a good pick and these smoky almonds are sure to impress. We also somehow justified spending $6 on a dozen eggs from TJ Farms, which pretty much fooled us with aesthetically pleasing, multi-colored and sized farm-fresh eggs.

We're not used to seeing food trucks out of their box, so it was nice to see the

Torched Goodness

folks out and about and burning up some crème brulee. We got a "small" $3 lemon crème brulee, which was

light and rich all at once with a great summery citrus tang

. We also had to pick up some

Detlaff Farms chiles

, which were 10 for $1 for serranos and dried rat tails and 5 for $1 for dried habaneros.

What We Skipped:

This week, we found out that just because the bakery has a long, complicated name doesn't mean its wares will entice us to pull out our wallet. It's A Divine Bakery usually gets us with fresh fruit gallettes like plum and pear, but their chocolate-covered, cream-filled cannolis weren't convincing us this week. We also passed by "The Flavor Craftsman Creator of Savory Treats," a Sun City baker whose Portobello flatbread just seemed like an odd and unappetizing combo to us.

What We're Still Lusting Over: After sampling Lebanese treats from Claudine's Kitchen, we loved her hummus, pita chips and tabbouleh. However, we still wish we had picked up a bag of zataar bread, which is essentially pita bread marinated in oil, oregano, thyme and sesame seeds. If only it wasn't $7. We also wish we didn't skip the organic local honey because after that dusty, rainy day this week, our allergies could use some holistic help.

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