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Clawed to the Top: White Claw Flavors, Power-Ranked

Hard seltzer makes for hard decisions.
The five White Claw Hard Seltzer fruit flavors.
The five White Claw Hard Seltzer fruit flavors. Lauren Cusimano
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Local DJ, business owner, and Tempe advocate Ethan Singer may have said it best: “We can note the rings in this fabled tree of history of Tempe, as we identify the popular booze of our life and grime. Zima to Boone’s Farm then, where we went from the Four Loko era to Fireball whiskey, straight into this new dawn of White Claw.”

White Claw Hard Seltzer is everywhere, baby. We’ve been cracking them all summer, and will continue to do so as long as our bodies need fewer carbs (and it’s the opinion of our low-carb dining guide and keto-supporting NASCAR drivers that we do). White Claw mixes seltzer water, a gluten-free alcohol base, and some sort of low fruit flavor. It clocks in at 100 calories, two grams of carbs, and 5 percent alcohol per volume. It’s a dream.

But — dear God help us, ma’am — what if the variety pack is sold out next time we’re stopping by Fry’s? What 10-pack shall accompany us to the backyard pool party?

Good thing your good pals have the White Claws power-ranked for your absolute convenience, just in time for the remainder of pool season. Sure hope you enjoy.

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Hard seltzer makes for hard decisions.
Lauren Cusimano

6. Pure

Nope. And it's a little hard to find.

5. Raspberry

While this flavor may smell like the best Lip Smacker — Red Raspberry — it may have the most artificial taste. The raspberry White Claw really puts the “hint” in “hint of fruit flavor.”

4. Ruby Grapefruit

The ruby grapefruit, upon cracking that sucker open, really gives off the scent of red grapefruit. But the taste can, overall, come off as bland.

3. Natural Lime

The “green” flavor is one of the more versatile. This is because with the initial sip, the flavor is more effervescent than any of them. However, the lime comes on slowly, and is more apparent toward the end of the can.

2. Mango

Mango, hands down, wins best scent. In fact, White Claw and Yankee Candle would be wise to team up. Mango on its own is so sweet, so tasty, that it’s almost like candy. That taste definitely transfers to this trendy hard seltzer. It’s a killer drink order for summer, too. But be careful, these can go down a little too smoothly.

1. Black Cherry

We unapologetically feel black cherry blows the other White Claw flavors out of the water. It may have the worst smell — chemical cherry — but the best taste. It’s like they accidentally added a little more flavor and just rolled with it.
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