Closed: Eddie's Pizza

Uh-oh it looks like it's back to Gus' for late night/early morning pizza delivery. Eddie's Pizza, the pizza/gyro/hooka lounge that stayed open till 5 a.m. has been shut down due to non-payment of rent. 

No big loss, if you ask us.

If any of you happened to have had the unfortunate experience of actually walking into this joint, you know it wasn't pretty. The smoke-filled restaurant was home to a couple of couches that looked like they had been pulled out of an alley in south Phoenix after monsoon season and judging by the amount of teenage make-out sessions going down on a typical Friday night,
we would suggest anyone who had made the mistake of sitting on one to walk a couple doors down to the Planned Parenthood for an STD check. 

And don't even get us started on the bathrooms.
The pizza was great when you were shitfaced and your cab driver refused to take you through a Jack-N-The-Box drive-thru -- even after you waited two hours for it to be delivered -- but if you made the mistake of attempting to eat it sober, it was nothing short of disgusting.

So good riddance Eddie's, we hope someone turns that prime corner location into a breakfast spot -- but only after the entire place gets a really good scrubbing. 

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