Closed for Business: 98 South Wine Bar & Kitchen

Sometimes a particular restaurant location just seems cursed. Such is the case with 98 South Wine Bar & Kitchen, the Chandler bistro which was originally opened by restauranteur Ron Wojcicki of KiZake and 56 East. The restaurant folded in October of 2008 after Wojcicki filed for bankruptcy, and reopened under new ownership this spring.

Less than a year later, 98 South has gone south again.

Earlier today, the East Valley Tribune reported that 98 South closed unexpectedly over the weekend. Building owner Tom Bliss, of Chandler City Center Developers, was forced to lock the doors after the restaurant's new owners defaulted on paying the rent. According to Bliss, the restaurant may be resurrected again under another new management team in just a few weeks.

Hopefully the new owners will restore this restaurant's good mojo...perhaps by starting with a name change?


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