Coming Soon: BoSa Donuts in East Phoenix

We were a little worried when the Dunkin' Donuts on Mill Avenue abruptly closed last month after just a few months of dishing out doughy, fried goodness and damn good coffee to the college crowd.

If a donut shop can't survive situated right next to a major university filled with caffeine- and munchie-starved coeds, then I hope you're satisfied with instant oatmeal out of a box.

Good news, though. BoSa Donuts, the locally owned mom-and-pop chain that started with a single shop in Chandler, is expanding to a new location at Indian School Rd. and 38th St. in Phoenix. The chain seems to have exploded overnight, going from just two stores last summer to a handful of shops across the Valley. Perhaps our own Fry Girl's glowing review did them some good.

The new location will be run by the same folks behind the original Chandler and Scottsdale locations (apparently, not all of the newer BoSa shops are managed by the same family).

Expect to get your East Phoenix donut fix in early to mid-May.  

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