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Conveyor-Belt Sushi Restaurant Rolls into Downtown Phoenix

As the saying goes -- good things come to those who wait. Phoenix residents and sushi lovers have been waiting for a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant to open in their neck of the woods since Sushi Eye in Motion, the state's first conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, opened in Chandler in 2008.

But the wait is soon to be over. Sushi Revolution, Phoenix's first conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, is set to open around Thanksgiving near Central Avenue and Portland Street.

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The process is simple: small color-coded plates travel along a mini conveyor belt. Patrons grab what they want as it passes. When they've filled up on their favorite sushi concoctions, an employee adds up the plates for the bill.

Conveyor belt sushi dates back to the 1960s when a man named Egawa Kinsho came up with the idea. Since then many restaurants have adopted the cost-cutting technique. In recent years, the restaurants, popularized in Japan, have been springing up in the United States.

Sushi Revolution will be downtown Phoenix's second sushi restaurant after Moira Sushi. While you wait for Sushi Revolution to open, check out Tempe's conveyor-belt sushi restaurant TeHaru Sushi, voted Best Budget Sushi.

For more information about Sushi Revolution, visit the restaurant's website.

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D'Aundra Wallace