Craig DeMarco Planning New Restaurant and Sweet Shop

Last summer, when Postino founder Craig DeMarco bought a vintage strip mall just north of Postino Central, he promised that a new concept was in the works.

Now, after months of research, plans are finally rolling for not one but two new places he'll be opening in the 1940 building at Central Avenue and Oregon.

There will be a new restaurant called The Windsor --- named after the Windsor Square neighborhood where it's located -- as well as a homemade ice cream and pastry shop called Churn. The goal is to open both on September 1.


"We really want these to be for the neighborhood," DeMarco says, noting that Postino Central already attracts a strong local following, evidenced by many more pedestrians and folks on street cruisers coming to the restaurant.

DeMarco and his wife Kris have teamed up with Lauren and Wyatt Bailey (who are also partners at Postino Central) for the new project. Although DeMarco is a partner with LGO Hospitality, this will not be affiliated with the restaurant group.

There will not be a retail presence here, he explains. "It'll be more of a modern diner with a responsible bar," a la the original Postino location. Merz Project is working on the restaurant design.

The Windsor will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with classic comfort foods as well as lighter dishes and salads. One decadent option will be a "horseshoe," with hamburger meat, cheese, and fries, all pressed between slices of Texas toast.  There will also be homemade soda on tap, made from seasonal fruit.

"There's a pent-up demand for this," says DeMarco.

Indeed, this is one more sign that north Central Phoenix is becoming prime real estate for restaurants.


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