Cuttlefish Ocean Kitchen in Scottsdale Ups the Ante of Fish Options in Phoenix

Unlike their East Coast counterparts, chefs in Phoenix can't exactly just head to the nearest ocean and pick up a load of seafood, fresh off the boat. Of course, that doesn't mean there isn't any good seafood in town. But it does mean diners tend to approach seafood-centric restaurants with hesitation.

Late last year Cuttlefish Ocean Kitchen opened in Scottsdale, bringing a new fish-focused dining option to the Valley scene. The restaurant comes courtesy of chef Joey Maggiore, whose father is well-known Phoenix chef and restaurateur Tomaso Maggiore, whose experience includes working at his family restaurants in California. Cuttlefish serves a selection of Italian-inspired seafood dishes and while it may not be a perfect East Coast seafood joint, it's certainly a welcome addition to the Valley of the Sun.

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Here's an except from this week's review by Rachel Miller:

I could dive head first into the Clam Chowder "Pot Pie," which arrived roaring hot in a small-handled pot with a thick slab of golden pastry bobbing on top. It was difficult to get a piece of the flaky crust in each bite because the pastry was so difficult to cut through. However, underneath was a rich, creamy stew full of pudgy clams and hearty bits of potato. I scraped the bottom to get every last bit of the chowder and fought my dining companion over the last clam.

Hungry for more? Check out our full review of Cuttlefish Ocean Kitchen.

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