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Deathwish Coffee: 200 Percent More Caffeine Than a Coffee Shop, and We Believe It

A few weeks ago I came across Deathwish Coffee and was instantly intrigued. I promptly placed an order; the package came in, and that's when shit got real.

Upon opening the box, I was greeted with attractive packing and . . . a warning label.

This is what its website has to say about the coffee "Here at Deathwish Coffee Company we have found a coffee bean with close to 200 percent as much caffeine as your typical coffee shop coffee; we roast it to a medium-dark for a strong and robust flavor and then we grind it to the proper level for extreme potency. Oh, really? Challenge accepted. Sort of. Here's what happened when I tried a cup (or three) of the self-proclaimed "world's strongest coffee."

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As impatient as I was to get the package in the mail, I turned into a giant chicken when I had the coffee in front of me. It sat on my counter for a couple of days until one morning I decided to go for it. I opened the sealed package and the aroma hit me instantly. This coffee smells so good. It almost has a chocolate aroma to it, and while it's strong, it's not annoying or overpowering. After grinding a small batch, into the coffee-maker it went.

I thought ahead enough to make a weak pot my first time around, but it didn't occur to me to simply drink less. So what did I do? I poured myself a cup in my everyday mug -- which holds about 2 1/2 cups -- and drank all of it.

I have to say, though, this is the smoothest coffee I've had in a long time.

After 15 minutes or so, the caffeine hit me like a freight train. Suddenly, my bones were vibrating inside my skin, my hands were shaking, and I couldn't stop moving around. I was jittery, hyper-aware of my surroundings, and slightly freaking the eff out. The jolt lasted a few hours, and I didn't feel a crash. I was so exhausted from bouncing off the walls all day that I slept like a baby that night.

This is by far the strongest coffee I've ever tasted, even after making a weak pot and only brewing about half the amount I would typically use. Deathwish Coffee, hats off to you. That's some mighty fine coffee.

It should be, for $19 a pound plus shipping. Buy yours at

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