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Doughnuts Are the New Cupcake in Phoenix, At Least According to Yelp Trends

Prepare to waste the next hour or so of your day on Yelp. No, we're not talking about revisiting some of your favorite Amy's Baking Co. reviews (though that's always fun). Yelp just released a city-specific trend analytics site that can tell you what's hip in Phoenix. And from the looks of it, we're all pretty cool. Craft beer beats out PBR in popularity. More surprisingly, doughnuts are more popular than cupcakes in Phoenix, a trend that has yet to take hold in other major cities. Here are some of our favorite graphs so far:

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Sorry, PBR. We like our craft brews better now.

Is Phoenix over the food truck trend?

The recession may have spiked liquor sales in general, but in the great gin versus bourbon debate, things are looking pretty even.

Not necessarily comparable terms, but these foodie buzzwords have taken hold here.

We like our pizza and we like our tacos. Who can blame us?

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