An Old Fashioned done up right with a flaming spritz of orange.
An Old Fashioned done up right with a flaming spritz of orange.
Screen Cap: Aviary Cocktails

Drinks Injected Into Hollow Ice Cubes and Other Bar Magic From The Aviary

Here is a video detailing the extraordinary lengths the bartenders mixologists chefs who just happen to only work with beverages, go toward making extraordinary drinks at Chicago's The Aviary.

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For $165 you can get a 10 "course" cocktail tasting menu which pairs their dizzying array of beverages with bites of food. Judging from this video and some of the photos we've seen floating around the internet, it's safe to say that they're rendering what look like liquid works of art.

Interestingly, the blog post by Gourmet Pigs on The Aviary indicates that they actually do a virgin menu should you require. That's a relief given that 10 cocktails, no matter how fancy, sounds like a bit of a marathon for anyone.

If you are wondering how they manage to make hollow ice cubes, the fine people at The Aviary have been nice enough to provide a look behind the scenes. Basically, they're using something called a blast chiller to rapidly freeze just the outer inch or so of a balloon filled with water. It's just an upscale version of what happens when you pull out an ice cube from your freezer before it's completely set.

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