Drunk Driver Services Let You Keep Your Car, But Not Your Cash

While it beats the heck out of driving home intoxicated, leaving your car at the establishment where you got drunk is generally less than optimal. Taking cabs to and from the bar to avoid the car situation gets pricey and time consuming. There are, however, several driver services in the Valley that ensure both you and your car get home safely.

The main downside to these services is, as you'll see, cost.

Are these companies a realistic way for the average drinker to get home with the car in tow? Decide for yourself.

Designated Drivers, Inc. phoenix.designateddriversinc.com Designated Drivers, Inc. has been in the game since 1998. Service is currently available in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Albuquerque.

How it works: Call 877-456-RIDE (7433) for immediate service, or to schedule a pick-up. This service is available 24/7 and covers "Scottsdale and the Phoenix metropolitan area." The drivers will drive you home in your own car.

The downside: While no membership is required, basic fare is $55 plus mileage after the first 10 miles. Yikes. The company also provides medical transportation services for a flat fee of $100, which is at least better than paying for an ambulance. Last Call Drivers lastcalldrivers.com How it works: Call 602-606-7560 about 30 minutes before you want to leave the bar (or wherever). Last Call Drivers shows up with one car and two drivers; one drives you home in your car, the other follows in the Last Call Drivers vehicle. This service is available anywhere within Maricopa County.

The downside: You must be a member, and membership rates start at $49 per month for an unlimited number of pick-ups and drop-offs; but the real kicker is that you have to tip your driver a minimum of $40 each time. That's a pretty hefty fee for a night at your neighborhood dive bar, but perhaps worthwhile after a full day of boozing at the Waste Management Open?

The Drunk Drivers thedrunkdrivers.net How it works: Pretty much the same as the others. Call 888-374-3019 for a pair of drivers to take you and your car home. Serves Scottsdale and the East Valley. There's no membership fee and the service is available seven days a week from 3pm-3am.

The downside: You have to call for a quote. If it's anything like clothing retail, having to call for the price is a bad sign.

Zingo zingoaz.com How it works: Call 877-NO DUI AZ (663-8429) 30-40 minutes in advance. Your driver arrives on a folding motorbike which he/she then stashes in your trunk. Then Zingo drives you and your car home, reclaims the motorbike and speeds off into the night (or day if that's your bag).

Membership is available ($99 per year) but not required.

The downside: The $25 pick-up fee ain't too shabby, but then there's a $3 per mile fee thereafter, making long trips pricey and short trips still a lot more than taking a taxi. Zingo is only available Tuesday-Thursday from 8pm-2am; not much good for the days when you probably need it most. Currently the service is only available in Scottsdale, North Tempe and Central Phoenix.

Have you tried any of these services or know of a cheaper deal? Let us know!

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Adriane Goetz