Edible Baja Arizona to Temporarily Suspend Print Publication
Facebook/Edible Baja Arizona

Edible Baja Arizona to Temporarily Suspend Print Publication

Edible Baja Arizona, the bimonthy magazine that covers food south of the Gila River, has suspended print publication. The magazine is part of Edible Communities, a network of scores of publications that cover the food  cultures of specific areas, with focuses ranging from Brooklyn to the Iowa River Valley to Phoenix. The stoppage is temporary and, Edible Baja emphasizes, limited to print.

Digital publications will continue.

"Rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated," Douglas Biggers, editor and publisher, wrote in a post to the publication's Facebook. "Although we are dealing with some financial turbulence, the magazine is very much alive."

Biggers notes a few of Edible Baja's accomplishments, linking Tucson's designation as the United States' first UNESCO City of Gastronomy to the magazine's efforts.

Biggers notes that he and his team plan to reposition the magazine. His hope is that print operations will once again resume once the ship's course has been adjusted. He writes: "We look forward to updating everyone as we determine the best way for the mission of the magazine to continue in 2018 and beyond."

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