Einstein's Responds to Our Facebook Promo Concerns

Gee, that was fast. No sooner had we posted our concerns about Einstein's Facebook bagel promo -- wondering just what they were going to do with all that info they're admittedly gathering when we sign up for a free bagel with cream cheese -- than we'd heard back from Corporate HQ.

Anne Wilde, Digital Marketing Manager, has this to say, in our comments section:

"We appreciate your feedback, but unfortunately in order to curb fraud,
we needed to develop a Facebook Application to provide users the
coupon. We have no intention of using any of the data except to verify
whether or not you have received your coupon. We hope this helps clear
this up, please feel to contact us with any questions."

We're not sure this clears up all the debate -- not that we're expecting to see this one on Snopes or anything -- but the quick response was nice. Gotta love those Google alerts. 

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