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El Pollo Loco Rolls Out New Fish Tacos: Out With the Steak, in With the Chicken and (Limited-Time Only) Fish Tacos

After a recent announcement stating that steak would be getting sacked from its menu and chicken would be the fowl focus, El Pollo Loco rolled out two new fish tacos as a limited-time offer.

What the cluck? Why now? Of course -- Lent starts in March. How could my guilt-ridden Catholic upbringing let me forget the 40-day abstain-a-thon, when fish doesn't count as meat and Jesus turns into the Easter Bunny at the end . . . or something like that.

El Pollo's two varieties of fish tacos are the Classic Baja Fish Taco and the Spicy Avocado Fish Taco. Both types feature beer-battered Alaskan pollock wrapped in corn tortillas with shredded cabbage and cilantro and served with lime. The Classic Baja includes a yogurt sauce mixed with a house salsa and the Spicy Avocado also includes a yogurt sauce made with El Pollo Loco's signature avocado salsa.

Are the new fish tacos from El Pollo Loco Lent and/or lunch-worthy? Let's find out.

The Pros: At about two bucks each (a combo meal of two tacos and a drink runs just over a fiver), the new fish tacos were fair fare for the money. They're (thankfully) not huge and contain a chunk of swimmer that isn't greasy and has a nice, light flavor. The salsas and cilantro complement without overpowering and there are a few limes included for squirtin' purposes. Fry Girl likes her fare on the spicy side, so the Spicy Avocado Fish Taco was my favorite of the two.

The Cons: El Pollo Loco is offering the new fish tacos only through mid-April, which is just before Easter this year. Then, like my observances of Catholic Holy Days, they're gone and forgotten.

Would Fry Girl Order One Again? Sure. The new fishy fare at El Pollo Loco is fairly tasty and filthy cheap. If it weren't Taco Tuesday at Rubio's ($1.25!), Fry Girl would be fishin' for tacos at El Pollo Loco.

What say you, fish-eatin' friends? Observers of the Lenten season? Have you tried the new fish tacos at El Pollo Loco? What did you think?

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld