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Essence Bakery's Second Location Will Open in Phoenix This Thursday

Many months ago, we allowed ourselves to get just a little bit excited about the prospect of a second location of Tempe's Essence Bakery Cafe. Back then, we reported that owners Gilles Combes, husband of Essence Bakery chef and owner Eugenia Theodosopoulos, was "cautiously optimistic" about acquiring a space in East Phoenix for a new location.

Well, folks, the time has finally come. Get ready for macaron mania because Essence Bakery's Phoenix location is opening at 6:30 a.m. Thursday, October 10.

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As previously reported the new location will be on the north side of Indian School and 38th Street, just east of the Madison Improvement Club. It will be larger than the Tempe location, which means that most of the baking will now be done in Phoenix.

And as far as the menu goes, this location will "mirror" the options available in Tempe. Think award-winning breakfasts, lunch items, and pastries (croissants galore, my friends!).

In other East Phoenix food news, we're still waiting for word on the new projects from Arcadia's LGO Hospitality Group. Early this year, we found out they've got plans for the space formerly known as The Arcadia Room (and before that Radio Milano) as well as for a lot they're currently using for parking. Oh, and there's still the question about that "life changing" fast-casual healthy restaurant from Sam Fox, not to mention the forthcoming Henry.

Needless to say, stay tuned.

Essence Bakery will be open from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Thursday, October 10. For more information visit the Essence Bakery website.

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