Chow Bella

Existential moment at Camus

So I heard from Carson Quinn yesterday. He's the owner of Camus, the scene-y bar/restaurant at the Clarendon that's been closed since late April.

Quinn couldn't talk about the current legal troubles between Camus and the Clarendon that spawned from the incident that shut down the restaurant, but he did explain that this latest shitstorm isn't the first court battle he's had with the hotel. This struggle comes amid another court case this year, where the Clarendon was trying to evict Camus. According to Superior Court records, the case is pending.

Camus has an eight-year lease, Quinn says. But as far as when the place will be back in business, now it's one big question mark.

"We like this location, and we like the clientele," he says. "However, there is not a specific date for us to reopen."

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Michele Laudig
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