Favorite Greater Phoenix Restaurants for Five Kinds of Dads on Father's Day

Father's Day, celebrated this year on Sunday, June 17, pays tribute to our dads, who, in one sweaty and heated moment, engaged in coitus with our moms and made us the people we are today. Yay, Dad.

But dads aren't all the same, especially when it comes to what they like to eat. So here's a handy little list that helps match the kind of dad with the kind of restaurant he might enjoy the most this Father's Day. And even if they don't match exactly, perhaps the lists will help to spark some ideas. As Dad would say, "Now that's usin' your noodle."

1.) The All-American Dad He may be a bit clueless at times, but he loves his oddball cousin, holidays (especially Christmas), and will stop at nothing to take the family on vacation. He's not into fancy-schmancy restaurants; he just wants to have a good meal in a place where he can relax and have enough money leftover for another trip to Wally World.

Take him to: - Beckett's Table, East Phoenix - Chelsea's Kitchen, East Phoenix - Liberty Market, Gilbert - The Parlor Pizzeria, Central Phoenix - Windsor, Central Phoenix

2.) The Meat-and-Potatoes Dad He's a motivator, a supporter, and a coach of life's many lessons to his family. Sometimes his love is tough, sometimes tender, but it's always there when you need it. All of which makes him hungry for the food he loves most: good ol' steak and potatoes and, sometimes, a whiskey-flavored drink.

Take him to: - Arrowhead Grill, Glendale - BLT Steak, Paradise Valley - Don & Charlie's, Scottsdale - Donovan's Steak & Chophouse, East Phoenix - Durant's, Central Phoenix

3.) The Man-of-Good-Tastes Dad Sure, he likes the finer things in life, but he still keeps it real when it comes to his family. Stern yet compassionate, he hasn't let success spoil him. And he knows a good thing when he sees it, or, in this case, tastes it. Luxury? That's his middle name.

Take him to: - Binkley's, Cave Creek - Christophers & Crush Lounge, East Phoenix - FnB, Scottsdale - Posh, Scottsdale - ShinBay, Scottsdale

4.) The Adventurous Dad He's on the go, loves to try new things, and is a bit of an intellectual when it comes to nurturing his family. Sometimes he lives in his head and can seem a bit standoff-ish, but you know when you need him most, he'll be there. Pique-ing his curiosity is essential, especially when it comes to food.

Take him to: - Curry Corner, Tempe - Cafe Ga Hyang, Glendale - Hana Japanese Eatery, Central Phoenix - The Mission, Scottsdale - Villa Peru, Tempe

5.) The Awkwardly Sweet Dad He's a bit bumbling, his jokes are a little forced, and when it comes to various rites of passage, he's misguided but endearing all the same. Asking him important questions, especially about sexuality, may cause excruciating moments of embarrassment, but you know he's doing his best. And he's incredibly sweet, which is why taking him out for a dessert as equally so is one of the best gifts you could give him.

Take him to: - Citizen Public House, Scottsdale - Coup de Tartes, East Phoenix - Cowboy Ciao, Scottsdale - T. Cook's, East Phoenix - Quiessence, South Phoenix

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld