Guilty Pleasures

Fiery Chicken Fries from Burger King Just Don't Bring the Heat

The Guilty Pleasure: Fiery Chicken Fries
Where to Get It: Burger King
Price: $2.89
What it Really Costs: A bit of dignity, disappointment, and your faith in advertising.

Chicken Fries are basically Burger King’s answer to the McRib. People get super excited when they come back, they eat a few of them within the first month or so, and then most of the public grows tired of the novelty and essentially forgets they exist.

In an attempt to extend the life of their semi-beloved item, BK busted out a new flavor of Chicken Fries and decided to ride the wave of spice that’s been sweeping through the fast food industry over the last few months. The results? Well, they’re pretty meh.

To be perfectly honest, Chicken Fries were never really our thing. They’re like terribly wimpy chicken fingers, or like chicken nuggets that went through a growth spurt. Either way, they’re not something we’re exactly stoked for anytime they come out.

The Fiery Chicken Fries are a lot of the same. They’re actually almost identical, and the name is certainly misleading.

Considering that these are “fiery,” they should at least make you sweat a bit when you’re eating them. Instead, they’ve got an extremely mild spice that even the most Midwestern of old white folks wouldn’t consider very hot in the least.

Fiery Chicken Fries aren’t fiery at all, but we understand that “Slightly More Flavorful Chicken Fries” don’t have the same ring to it. Whereas recent offerings from Wendy’s and even Taco Bell have put some legitimately hot fast food into the hands of the spice-desiring public, the Fiery Chicken Fries aren’t in the same ballpark.

If you eat all nine without taking a sip of water or anything, there might be a little tingle in your mouth by the end. For the most part, it’s just the same skinny, floppy chicken tenders with a touch of pepper on them.

They’re not as good or as hot as the spicy variation of chicken fingers at Popeye’s, but hey, it’s Burger King. What do you expect?
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Josh Chesler
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