First Taste: BLT Steak at Camelback Inn

By Jonathan McNamara

If you find yourself down in the dumps about the dwindling economy, I have an instant panacea. Find a whole-roasted then smoked pig and eat it. Trust me on this. I found myself in a position to do just that during BLT Steak's media invite only dinner on October 15.

There. Now don't you feel better? See more shots in our BLT Steak slideshow.

BLT Steak, the newest eatery at Camelback Inn, offered much more than swine. Waitresses paced around waving trays of tuna tartar, crab cakes and bruschetta with beef and a tomato jelly.

The hungriest attendees dove straight for spice rubbed sirloin and double cut ribeye paired with spoonfuls of creamed spinach and stuffed tomatos.

Guests looking for something sweet found an assortment of desserts including a pastry cream stuffed crepe laying in a bath of passion fruit reduction sauce and miniature lemon meringue pies topped with blueberries.

It is merely my humble opinion, but I would have traded all the dishes for the popovers seated in baskets near platters of cured meats and smokey cheeses. BLT Steak's popovers are incredibly flaky and saturated with a subtle cheese flavor.

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