Iconic Cocktail Co. offers some serious cocktail startersEXPAND
Iconic Cocktail Co. offers some serious cocktail starters
Audrey Kruse

Five Great Finds at Phoenix's Open Air Market

Many Phoenicians have Saturday morning routines that include heading to the open air market in the parking lot of the Phoenix Public Market for some edible goodies. It can be overwhelming with all the options available, so we’ve created a list of favorites: five things that can’t be missed.

How to beat the heatEXPAND
How to beat the heat
Audrey Kruse

Breezy Pop
For those brave enough to endure the Arizona heat at the open air market, you’ll quickly learn that the misters aren’t enough to keep you cool while you shop. Pro-tip: Before you start shopping, stop by Breezy Pop for a frozen treat to snack on while you browse. Breezy Pops uses family recipes handed down for three generations, the same ones that “Abuelita Coco" once used at her stand in Mexico. Breezy Pop offer flavors changing every season, such as pineapple, mango, soursop, horchata, passion fruit, coffee and cream, and sweet and sour lemon. Whether you are craving creamy or fruity, Breezy Pop has the flavor for you.

How to scratch your tortilla itch.EXPAND
How to scratch your tortilla itch.
Audrey Kruse

One of the first stands you see walking into the open air market, Tortirrikas offers fresh batches of corn and flour tortillas at a great price. You can get a large pack of tortillas for only $3. The tortillas are really good, and they make great (and cheap) foundations for mini quesadillas, taco night, and more. If you can’t make it to the open air market for these, no worries: Tortirrikas has a shop at 24th and Roosevelt streets.

Salsas and burritos on the grillEXPAND
Salsas and burritos on the grill
Audrey Kruse

Mi Salsa Burrito and Salsa
There are plenty of options for breakfast while at the market. A favorite is the breakfast burrito from Mi Salsa. While the stand specializes in salsa (hence its name), every Saturday morning the folks behind the stand set up shop with a huge grill filled with rows of burritos. For $6, you can get a grilled burrito with all the salsa you could dream of. Mi Salsa offers salsa samples for all of their products for you to mix, match, and try to find your salsa soulmate. Ours happens to be the roasted serrano-tomato salsa. The stand truly lives up to its tagline: "salsas that make you want to dance."

The dip and hummus options at Doctor Hummus.EXPAND
The dip and hummus options at Doctor Hummus.
Audrey Kruse

Doctor Hummus
Pita chips and dip are a standby for snacking, yet it can be hard to find ones with the perfect crisp, and hard to find hummus with the right consistency and flavor. Doctor Hummus provides a solution to both. Starting out at just a few local farmers markets, the brand has expanded to selling statewide and in stores, including Whole Foods and Bashas. Doctor's pita chips come in original, garlic, rosemary, and sweetness (cinnamon and sugar). As for their hummus? It's made in Tempe with clean ingredients, and you can taste the freshness. I can never leave the market without a tub of vegan Italian-style ranch dip, their best seller. It’s the perfect balance of basil and garlic flavors, and it's hard to believe that a dip with such creamy goodness could be vegan.

Iconic mixers are one way to tasty drinksEXPAND
Iconic mixers are one way to tasty drinks
Audrey Kruse

Iconic Cocktail Co.
Open Air Market
The people behind Iconic Cocktail Co. have serious experience in mixology, and their products are evidence of that. Iconic Cocktail creates brilliant cocktail mixers that go with simple recipes, the result being drinks that will impress anyone. We rotate between the flavors Lime Leaf Tonic, Spiced Honey, and Pichuberry Peach Sour, but our true go-to is the prickly pear sour, which we pair with gin. And when we create artisan cocktails for my guests, we have Iconic Cocktail Co. to thank. You can get recipe recommendations from them every Saturday at the Open Air Market. You can also find their recipes online.

Open Air Market. 721 North Central Avenue
Every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon.

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