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Meet Chris Malloy, Phoenix New Times' New Food Editor

A marinara pie from Myke's Pizza, one of now-critic Chris Malloy's favorites.
A marinara pie from Myke's Pizza, one of now-critic Chris Malloy's favorites. Chris Malloy

It has been an incredible four months for me as Phoenix New Times' food editor. This city is a treasure trove of inventive, chef-driven restaurants — both high-end and hole-in-the-wall. And working for a progressive publication like New Times has allowed me to explore the Valley food scene beyond high-profile restaurant openings and really dig in to some of the stories of the longtime global restaurants that make the city such a vibrant place to live, work, and eat.

It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to the Valley of the Sun, but I couldn't be more excited to introduce the food-obsessed Philly native to whom I will be passing the baton.

Chris Malloy is a writer who grew up outside Philadelphia. After graduation from Penn State, Malloy spent a sunburnt summer working on farms and vineyards in central Italy. Malloy returned to the States to take his interest in food to the next level with a master's degree in food studies from Boston University. There, he enhanced his knowledge of gastronomy, food history, culinary anthropology, and similar subjects, tackling trying classes like "Artisanal Cheeses of the World."

"To me, taste is just one dimension of food and not even the most interesting. I'm also into nutrition, history, politics, and other angles," Malloy says. "I write about food for a lot of reasons, but mostly because food is the cultural topic of today that carries the most weight."

His first real story was a profile of the formidable chef and author Maricel Presilla, which he wrote for the Boston Globe in 2012. "It remains one of the trickiest interviews I ever conducted," he laughs, describing the culinary powerhouse infamous for taking charge of interviews and leaving journalists shell-shocked in her wake.

In his time writing, he has done editorial internships with Boston magazine and Bon Appétit. He has written and photographed for the likes of The Boston Globe, Men’s Health, TimeOut New York, Modern Farmer, New Jersey Monthly, Edible Jersey, Saveur, Serious Eats, and others.

He moved to the southwest in 2017.

"I'm so excited to be exploring this great city," Chris says. "I don't believe in 'computer screen journalism'. I want to get out there and do immersive reporting."

Though he was already contributing to New Times as a writer, he has plans to take the section to another level as the food editor. "My hope is to tell more stories, really go deep on the narratives, and introduce some experimental new writing styles to the section."

I, for one, can't wait to follow his delicious journey.

Catch up with our new food editor on Instagram at @malloy_chris, on Twitter at @yollamsirhc, or email him at chrisamalloy[at]
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