Free Shakes From Sonic for "Real Ice Cream" Promotion

Summer's just started and already this Fry Girl feels more "fry" than "girl."

Big thanks to Sonic for bringing on some chill. The 3,500-unit drive-in chain is promoting its "Real Ice Cream" with "buy one, get one free" shakes and 99 cent one-topping sundaes.

What's Real Ice Cream? A richer, creamier soft-serve ice cream with a noticeable taste improvement over McDonald's dairy-errs. Fry Girl's fave? Strawberry. Smooth and fruity, this chilly treat's successful at keeping Summer meltdowns at bay.

Sound cool? Thought so. Find out how to get your free shake after the jump.

Get to a Sonic before Monday, June 28, buy a Real Ice Cream Shake, and score another one free, on the spot. Hey, that means you can treat a friend -- yay, free shakes for friends! Going solo? Opt to receive a coupon for a free one on your next visit. The coupons are good until Thursday, July 15.

The 99-cent single-topping Real Ice Cream sundae promotion runs through Labor Day.

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