Frozen Desserts are Taking Over Mill Avenue

If the world doesn't decide to come to an end this year, I'm predicting that Mill Avenue will be nothing but ridiculous college bars, sandwich stations and frozen dessert shops by 2015.

Okay, the Starbucks will probably stick around and maybe the bank, but other then that every other store front will either have a hot girl attempting to lure you inside with drink specials or a chubby high school-er with a tray of ice cream sandwich samples trying to lure you in with cold, calorie-packed desserts.

Cookiez, Red Mango, Paletas Betty, Mojo, Sparky's, newcomer Slickables (check out our Mill Ave. ice cream sandwich battle here) -- and we may be getting one more in the very near future

The other day we spotted this sign in the window of the long deserted Three Roots coffee shop on Mill right across the street from ASU (right next to Meat Market Vintage's new shop). The for rent sign is still in the window, so we're not sure if this place is actually happening or if it was a dream that has been forgotten, but if it does open, the total number of spots to grab a frozen treat will be seven.

We can't wait to see what Flavor is all about and, of course, we'll keep you updated when we learn more about Mill's newest frozen dessert spot.

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