Futuro Coffee at Palabra Collective Serves Espresso and Cascara in Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix coffee lovers have yet another new shop to enjoy. On Friday, January 29. Futuro, located inside the new location of Palabra Collective, began serving drip coffee, espresso, and a coffee tea known as cascara

The brainchild of Palabra owner Jorge Ignacio Torres and director of coffee Bill Kennedy (whose previous work includes a stint as director of education at Cartel) Futuro serves high-minded coffee in a customer-service-oriented environment. Kennedy hopes his shop will bring a sense of accessibility to the local coffee scene.

"I don't like it when there's a cashier who talks to people and a barista with their head in the machine. We want to get away from that," he says. 

Futuro's menu is written entirely in Spanish to embrace its Southwest and Latin American regionalism and serves cascara in place of tea, and a Colombian sweetener called panela, made from raw, unfiltered cane sugar instead of caramel or other simple syrups. 

Kennedy says he wants everything at Futuro to be unique and interesting for guests. He sees a struggle in the craft coffee world between wanting to do something pure to high standards but have other people like it as well, which is why he hopes to work with other baristas who understand how to treat guests with genuine hospitality.

Kennedy is using an EK43 Mahlkonig grinder and La Marzoco Linea espresso machine, in addition to a Volumetrics coffee machine. There are no pour-over coffees at Futuro, but it serves Fetco brewed coffee instead.

Futuro's is open to the public Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is located at 909 North First Street in downtown Phoenix.
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Cal Faber
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