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Gory Gourmet Food Truck Serves Brain Burgers to Promote The Walking Dead

Gory Gourmet is a London-based food truck that launched last week to promote the DVD/Blu-Ray release of AMC's hit The Walking Dead. Their shtick is appropriately gory: Fried brain burgers, deep-fried brain "dippers," and thyroid.

Gory Gourmet has even been kind enough to provide the recipes for their offal treats. Brain apparently needs to be gently washed for at least 30 minutes to purge all the blood from the various cavities. Then it needs a nice soak in a warm bath of salt water and vinegar so you can remove the outer membrane prior to cooking. A light coat of flour, a hot oil of your choice and a quick fry in the pan will yield the perfect patty for a zombie themed hamburger.

Of course squeamishness about eating brains isn't completely unfounded. Pretty much all the awful diseases that come from eating this bit of offal share the following characteristics: They're debilitating, progressive and completely untreatable. Kinda like zombieism. Granted, mad cow (bovine spongiform encephalopathy) is preferable to what happens when you eat people brains. In that case there's a chance you could acquire Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease which, in addition to killing you by boring holes in your brain, has the unfortunately side effect of effecting your gait and coordination to the point where "shambling" is an appropriate description of how you move.

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