Gourmet Popcicles -- Anyone Wanna Bite?

If I win the lottery, I swear I will start 50 new businesses for all the ideas I have.

Like my gourmet paletas idea. Last year, I floated it out to the universe that somebody ought to start making gourmet Mexican popsicles, and preferably sell them out of a cool truck or something. I'd do it myself, but I'm a broke-ass writer who blogs all day. Won't someone just do it for me? I'll be your first customer.

Well, people in Los Angeles read my mind, because lookie here: It's a gourmet popsicle business with a clever name -- Popcycle -- delivery via a customized bicycle, and ingredients straight from the farmers markets. I found out about this from the Tasting Table L.A. newsletter. Phoenix, we could use something like this!

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