Greg Murphy's T2

​Yesterday we met Greg Murphy, W Hotel's laid-back and garrulous drink maker. A bartender for more than five years, Murphy's come up with his share of original cocktails, but there are a few he takes special pride in. There's the Time Machine (made with Ciroc Coconut and Midori), the Denzel (a chocolate martini), the awesomely-titled Mexican Cosmonaut (a twist on a cosmopolitan using tequila), and the New Times (flavored with St. Germain liqueur and named by yours truly).

Only able to choose one recipe to share, Murphy went with the T2, goofily named after the movie Terminator II: Judgment Day. "I had watched the night before, and the name just kind of stuck in my head," Murphy says. "It was too long, so I cut it down to the Terminator II, but now it's just the T2."

It's a smooth, creamy and lightly tarty beverage, with just enough zesty lemon to balance out the sweeter flavors. "It tastes like the white part of a bomb pop," Murphy says. "It's a really nice summer drink."

The ingredients:
1 ½ oz. Bacardi Raz
¾ oz. Limoncello
Splash lemonade
Splash 7-up
Squeeze of lemon
1 cherry

How to make it:
Combine liquid ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into a martini glass with cherry at the bottom. Indulge. 

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