Gross Out: Los Dos Molinos on Washington Reuses Chip Bowls

"OOOOH!" a colleague said, after learning that a recent inspection at the Washington Street outpost of the famed Los Dos Molinos restaurant revealed reused chip bowls. "That's always my worst fear -- that you'll get that bowl with someone else's cuticle pieces and other stuff from their fingers in it."

Yeah, that's a bummer. No stars for Los Dos on this visit -- the Maricopa County restaurant inspector also noticed Comet and Off stored near red pepper, and organic debris on soda nozzles at the bar as well as on "many knives and other utensils".

There were no accurate thermometers in the kitchen, cheese warming (not in a good way) on the counter and "real cream butter at 84 degrees under oven."

The butter was discarded at the time. And the chip bowls were immediately sanitized. That day, at least.


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