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Guinea Hens from One Windmill Farm: This Week's Fresh Pick

Okay, we know. This picture may not be the world's most appetizing food porn shot we could use to convince you to buy a guinea hen. But after about an hour and a half of roasting these locally-raised hens, it'll be easy to see why you picked one up. One Windmill Farm is at Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market every Saturday with an array of all of the fruits and veggies that any crisper should have, so we were surprised to see them come to the market with hens. Since One Windmill has always been solid on the produce front, it only makes sense that you should give the guinea hen a shot, even if our shot of it isn't very flattering.

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Price: $28

Vendor: One Windmill Farms

Where to Pick It Up: Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market, Open Saturday from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m.

What Else to Grab: Apples ($1.50/pound), Red Potatoes ($1/pound), Shallots ($2.50/pound) and whatever else you think will roast well with your hen

If you're a fan of that gamey flavor you find in duck meat, guinea fowl is a great next dish to check off your culinary bucket list. The dark meat also (wait for it) tastes like chicken, but is known to dry out quick. That's why it's key to baste and not overcook. You can also wrap the bird in banana leaves or even (wait for it) bacon to keep some of the juiciness locked in. It also pairs well with lemon, sage and thyme to accent its more hearty, fowl qualities. While we love roasting guinea hens with other produce found at One Windmill's stand, you can pretty much use it anywhere you would turkey, duck or chicken, keeping in mind the few quirks it has in preparation.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.