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Help This Man Bring Crystal Bacon to the World

The internet is fond of bacon.

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So it's not really a surprise that an enterprising couple from Chicago have combined their love of creation with their love of fried pork bellies and created a Kickstarter campaign to roll out trays of crystal bacon. Greg Kiesow, the male half off the operation, received the blessing of his bosses to use their very nice equipment to create his art after-hours. We can only imagine how that conversation went. His wife, Brittney, and their 5-year-old daughter, Quinn, have joined in by converting his machined bacon into jewelry.

Perhaps it would be easier for the creator to explain in his own words:

So basically we're talking about pieces of bacon art, lovingly milled with machine precision from the finest clear acrylic, and finished with a clear coat of epoxy for "that greasy, shiny, bacony look."

Suggested uses for crystal bacon include: earrings, necklaces, Christmas ornaments and tasteful display around the home. In fact, at the $200 top contribution level, you can take home your very own "Ultimate Crystal Bacon."

This substantial chunk of chiseled bacon come with a removable brushed aluminium base suitable for use as spiky club should your taste in bacon art fail to impress hostile visitors.

This bacon Kickstarter is just shy of its goal by a couple hundred dollars and their funding deadline is in just over two weeks. If you want in on the future of bacon art, now would appear to be the time to act.

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