Hi-Tech Home Gardening Planner: Smart Gardener

We don't know anyone who hasn't at least thought about starting their own garden (frontyard, backyard, containers) and as much as it sounds romantic and natural, it's actually tricky scientific business. If you're still needing a little assistance, look no further than your computer. Take a little gander at a site called Smart Gardener.

Oh man, this website is GE-NIUS! It's called Smart Gardener and it will actually make you smart at gardening. You will learn about what elements to consider when planning your garden in a simple guide -- like soil testing, sun direction, and plot size. You are also led to some suggested plants based upon the historical weather patterns of your zip code. It will also conveniently lead you into their partner online shops where you can buy your chosen plants (tho' you could just head to your favorite local nursery).

The planning part of gardening is so important, but so is the follow up. How perfect to take our love of technology and need of an email to give us a kick-in-the-rear reminder to water, add amendments, transplant, or whatever you have going on in your garden.

Keep track of your progress with the online journal, troubleshoot with the pest/disease guide and become an expert seed saver. If you can't elevate your gardening skills at least a little bit after using this website, we'd be surprised. It is completely comprehensive and makes making your own heirloom harvest attainable. Hi-tech growing, it's amazing, go check it out.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.