Nick Addante (left) and Luigi Paroli of Arcadia Meat MarketEXPAND
Nick Addante (left) and Luigi Paroli of Arcadia Meat Market
Arcadia Meat Market

High-End Butcher Shop Arcadia Meat Market Coming in January 2018

A high-end butcher shop will be opening in Arcadia in January. Arcadia Meat Market will offer meat from small ranches and farms in the American West from Arizona to Oregon. The shop will have a strong emphasis on animals raised humanely, pastured, fed food far more robust than feedlot swill, and free of antibiotics. This is a high bar for meat, one that will require Arcadia Meat Market’s proprietors to look beyond industrial American meat operations.

Co-founders Luigi Paroli and Nick Addante have been scouting suppliers for the last year.

Sourcing will be key to Arcadia Meat Market. Within Arizona, the market will source “from south of Tombstone to north of Prescott,” according to Addante. Two of the chief Arizona animal suppliers will be AZ Grass Fed Beef (where Addante once worked at the Chino Valley center) and Pasture Raised Pork (Tucson).

Much smaller suppliers will be on rotation. The two met with plenty of ranchers in Oregon. They plan to source from a wagyu rancher in Colorado. They will be using a Gila Bend source who feeds cattle barley and probiotics, resulting in a more conventional grain-fed flavor. They have Bison producers in California, southern Utah, and Arizona. They know a guy in Oregon who raises yak.

Animals will include cattle, pigs, chicken, bison, yak, and lamb. The shop will source and butcher whole animals.

“Because we’ll be getting full carcasses, we’ll be able to custom cut to anybody’s specifications,” Paroli says. “We can do anything anyone can do in the meat industry.”

Paroli, master butcher of Arcadia Meat Market, started in his trade back in 1976. Then, as a 16-year-old living in New Zealand, he began an 8,000-hour apprenticeship with a butcher from Germany. Paroli’s long career as a butcher has led him to work in places like midtown Manhattan to Alaska, where he butchered moose.

Arcadia Meat Market will be making in-house charcuterie: bacons, salami, and other kinds. There will be a whole line of sausages made from pork, lamb, chicken, and beef. These products will be GMO-free and made without “unnatural chemicals.”

The shop will be at 3950 East Indian School Road, #150. It’s scheduled to open on January 11.

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