Holiday Tamales and Really Old Eggnog in Today's Eater's Digest

Holiday Tamales and Really Old Eggnog in Today's Eater's Digest

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Holiday Tamales
The holidays aren't just for turkey and cookies, it's also tamale season. Making holiday tamales is a long-running Mexican tradition and so is eating them. Since most of us don't  have the time or expertise to create our own holiday tamales (though we spied all the fixings at Pro's Ranch Market, if you're willing to give it a go), a few Valley restaurants are offering theirs to-go.

Tucked away in a Mesa strip mall off Brown and Horne, Old El Paso Tamales offers the real deal in three different flavors, Beef, Chicken , and Pork. Due to seasonal demand make sure you call ahead to guarantee they have what you need: 480-844-0477.

Los Sombreros in South Scottsdale also had their tamales up for grabs. Your choice of 12 different varieties including chipoltle pork, rajas cheese, chorizo and black bean, Cinnamon and chocolate. $26.95 for one dozen tamales of a single flavor or try one of each for $19.95. Orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance. Call 480-994-1799.

 Aunt Chilada's at the Arizona Grand Resort has red chile beef, green corn and green chile and cheese tamales available for pick from now through December 31st. All orders require 24-hours advance notice and come with chips and salsa. $12 for 6 and $22 for a dozen.  
Old Nog 
There is something mildly intriguing about the egg, dairy, spice, booze combo called homemade eggnog. Our curiosity was sparked even more when we heard that it can sit in your fridge for a year. Yes, one whole, entire year. Make your own batch of Holiday Eggnog and drink it this year or save it for next. Your choice. 

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