"How Does It Grow" Video Series Begins with Showing How Mushrooms Grow

Former Food Network judge and journalist Nicole Cotroneo Jolly is on a mission to show the world how some of our pantry and fridge essentials are actually grown. Her Kickstarter-funded project, called "How Does It Grow", aims to educate people (especially children) about the exciting world of healthful produce to try to combat the aggressive advertising that junk food manufacturers use to get people hooked. Her videos are free to watch, and they show the ins and outs of grains, nuts, produce, spices, and even coffee.

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Although the video series to date has produced only one video, showing the growth of different varieties of mushrooms, the series looks to show the productions of almonds, flour, cinnamon, vanilla bean, saffron, and more in the future. With the project funded and then some on Kickstarter, it's clear that Jolly's mission is intriguing at least and people want to know where real food comes from -- rather than just videos of candy factories making gummy bears.

We can't wait to watch the next videos from "How Does It Grow" and learn more about how our favorite foods are made.

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