It Came From My Cupboard: Blue Bowl

by Robrt L. Pela

This is a watercolor of the blue bowl I mix cake batter in. The painting is by my spouse, Mr. Grossman, who’s good at everything he does because he’s a Jew.

The bowl was a wedding gift to my mother in 1946. It turns up in something like 700 different family candids, because Italian American housewives take pictures of their people eating stuff at every holiday. I used to play a game when I was a kid: Find a Holiday Mealtime Photo of My Family in Which the Blue Bowl Doesn’t Appear.

There were hardly any.

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Robrt L. Pela has been a weekly contributor to Phoenix New Times since 1991, primarily as a cultural critic. His radio essays air on National Public Radio affiliate KJZZ's Morning Edition.
Contact: Robrt L. Pela