Jared Allen has sold Proof Bread and is moving to Massachusetts.
Jared Allen has sold Proof Bread and is moving to Massachusetts.
Jared Allen

Jared Allen Says Goodbye to Phoenix, but Not Before Handing Over the Reins of Proof

Jared Allen of Proof Bread, the East Valley’s patron saint of all things gluten, is leaving Arizona.

Allen announced via Instagram on June 17 that he was selling Proof, his company that provides artisan breads and pastries to restaurants, coffee shops, and farmer's markets throughout Mesa and Gilbert.

“You get everything including training,” the Instagram post’s caption reads. “Hurry though, I’m moving soon.”

If you’ve ever ordered a pain au chocolat from Proof, or eaten a sandwich on Proof bread at a place like Worth Takeaway in downtown Mesa, the idea that Allen is stepping away from his oven is nothing short of devastating.

Allen is well-known as a family man (he operated Proof out of his home) and it’s a family directive that is moving him out of Phoenix, to the East Coast.

“My wife is a painter and has been given an opportunity to join an artist's collective in Central Massachusetts near Belchertown,” Allen says.

The Allens are buying a historic Baptist church there, along with the rectory, on 4 wooded acres.

“We hate to leave Phoenix, but this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.”

On June 26, again via Instagram, Allen introduced the new faces of Proof, Amanda Abou-Eid and Jonathan Przybyl.

Abou-Eid and Przybyl are resident food lovers and long time Proof customers who are quickly picking up Allen’s methods, Allen says. The Instagram photo (taken by Abou-Eid) shows Allen and Przybyl covered with flour after a night of hard work.

“Running on no sleep. Working in 95 degree heat in front of a 500 degree oven. Baking all night, no breaks. Still smiling. That’s the sign of a true baker,” reads the caption.

“It was important to me to have someone with the same values take over Proof,” Allen tells New Times. “[Abou-Eid and Przybyl] want Proof to be a part of the community here in Mesa and Gilbert. I couldn't be [more] excited to see the great things they will do with Proof.”

And what of Allen’s own baking future?

Allen says that he has reached out to a few Massachusetts bakeries that would be happy to have him (who wouldn’t?), though he can’t comfortably say anything more at this time.

“Mostly,” Allen says, “I'm looking forward to enjoying the nature, gardening, kayaking, running, and hiking.”

Sourdough loaves from Proof Bread.
Sourdough loaves from Proof Bread.
Jared Allen

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