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Kids React Takes On Epic Mealtime

Here at Chow Bella, we have a special, unclogged space in our bacon-wrapped hearts for Epic Mealtime; a calorie-laden cooking show making waves of Jack Daniels BBQ sauce on Youtube. 

We were hooked the moment we watched the carnivorous creators of this show make a meat salad. We developed a carnal need for more when Epic Mealtime brought out epic hors d'oeuvres including "Bacon Ragoons" filled with a cream cheese and bacon mixture, topped with more bacon and deep-fried.

Just about the only thing funnier than watching Epic Mealtime bacon weave a bacon dream is watching children of various ages watching Epic Mealtime bacon weave a bacon dream. Enter Kids React, a Youtube series that exposes children to the wacky world of internet videos to get their perspective on them.

Directed by The Fine Brothers, Kids React has chronicled adolescent takes on everything from Rebecca Black's "Friday" music video to the Numa Numa guy; all to hilarious effect.

This week's episode (above) gave kids, between the ages of 5 and 14, a first-hand look at Epic Mealtime's Sloppy Big Ben Roethlisberger episode. You'll remember that as the episode in which they successfully cooked a 50-pound bacon cheeseburger totaling more than 100,000 calories.

How did the kids react?

6-year-old Morgan: "Get me a giant burger! God!"

10-year-old Shannon: "They made a 50-pound burger and then filmed a guy eating it. Stupid."

11-year-old Jake: "I don't even think Man Vs. Food does things like this."

You're damn right, kid. You're damn right.

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Jonathan McNamara