South Korean "Fry Party" -- that's a lot of carbs.
South Korean "Fry Party" -- that's a lot of carbs.
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Korean Kids Get Kicked Out of McDonald's for $250 Fry Fracas

McDonald's locations in Japan and South Korea recently dramatically reduced the cost of a large order of fries. The result? French fry parties where hordes of teenagers descend on the golden arches with cash and a desire to create some low-grade mayhem.

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The promotional deal reduces the cost of a large order of fires to around $1.60, which is indeed a great deal of fried food for loose change. The problem appears to be that children are showing up with actual money and buying enough fries to carpet bomb a table. The biggest of these appears to have happened in South Korea, where a group of teenagers dropped the equivalent of $250 on fries.

So what's the big deal? The problem is that a group of teenagers dropping $250 on around 150 orders of large fries tends to screw up the workflow of even your best-prepared McDonald's. The picture above reportedly was posted by an enraged employee lamenting the teenagers' disruptive behavior. Namely that at some point they would leave and likely:

1. Leave an immense amount of wasted food, which is a significant cultural taboo in most Asian countries. 2. Leave an immense mess, which will annoy other customers and, of course, be a pain to take care of.

Apparently, the employee had enough of this foolishness and eventually ejected the French fry legion from the McDonald's.

If all this talk of choking down a stupid amount of fries has perked your appetite, let us suggest a chaser for you:

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