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La Pinata Restaurant Readies for Move — Without Its Iconic Sign

While classic Phoenix restaurant La Pinata is almost ready to move to a new location on 7th Avenue, the owners say they won't be able to bring the restaurant's iconic sign to the new home.  

Roseann Schulz, one of the restaurant's owners, says the city of Phoenix denied an appeal that would have allowed the owners to use the sign at the new location in the former home of Mary Coyle Ice Cream Parlor. Schulz says the city deemed the sign too big by today's standards.

"It's a letdown and a lot of our customers are upset... because it's an icon," Schulz says. "It's been here for 45 years." 

Instead, Schulz says the restaurant is having a smaller version of the classic sign made for the new La Pinata. 

Meanwhile, the family-owned restaurant's employees and owners are almost ready to move. Schulz says the new restaurant's final inspection is next week. As soon as they get the go-ahead, they'll be ready to move to the former home of Mary Coyle, which has been built out for a new look. 

When we visited La Piñata on 19th Avenue, a couple who had been married for more than 30 years told us their first date was at the restaurant. It's customers like these Schulz knows will follow them to the new location. The restaurant has been open since the 1970s.  

"Our customers have been very supportive and very happy for us," she says.

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Lily Altavena