Letters of Complaint (1 of 2) and FoodLab 2010 Wrap-Up

Molecular gastronomy. Sure, it sounded interesting at first: Buy a kit, make some fun stuff using chemicals and food. The brochure even said, "Easily Get Started..." - easily! Soon, ingredients were impossible to find, an invasive measurement system reared its ugly head, additional money was needed for supplies, recipes couldn't be read, and food outcomes ranged from looking like lab results to cough medicine to baby food. American values were mocked on a weekly basis, while the kit's French creators drank Get 27® and jumped around in a pile of hard-earned American greenbacks.

Three words: Full. Freaking. Refund. The first letter is going to ThinkGeek, the folks who sell the Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit. The second (next week) is going straight to the source: The Frenchies at Cuisine Innovation.

Check out the first letter to ThinkGeek.com and a FoodLab 2010 summary after the jump.

March 19, 2010

Ref: Poor Product

Dear ThinkGeek Cyber Person,

This is with reference to the Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit I purchased from you on December 31, with the receipt number of 19a6b0342. I am sorry to inform you that the product was a complete disaster and unworthy of hard-earned American dollars. Major problems included, but were not limited to:

- The requirement of additional costly supplies

- Ingredients impossible to acquire in the U.S.

- The metric system

- The French

Feel free to read complete product and recipe reviews by searching FoodLab 2010 at www.phoenixnewtimes.com.

I am sure this is a mistake on your part, perhaps being too trusting of our beret-topped world neighbors. I feel your pain. I am requesting you kindly take immediate action and send me a full refund. In addition, I would suggest the Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit be removed from your inventory completely, taken to a vacant lot, taunted, stoned, and burned.

I am forwarding the e-mail receipt to help you speed up the process of my refund.

Have a wonderful day!

Sincerely, Laura Hahnefeld

Miss out on any of the gruesome details? Check out the complete listing of FoodLab follies below:

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Part 6: The French Give Salmon a Raw Deal

Part 7: Get 27® Can Get Bent

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