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LIX Ice Cream: Fun Is the Flavor of the Month

LIX Uptown Ice Cream
LIX Uptown Ice Cream Allison Young
click to enlarge LIX's Sweet Cream on top and Ferrocious Chocolate on bottom. - ALLISON YOUNG
LIX's Sweet Cream on top and Ferrocious Chocolate on bottom.
Allison Young
Ice cream shops should be fun, and LIX Uptown Ice Cream, which just opened at the corner of Seventh Avenue and Osborn Road, fits that bill.

Tucked behind Mi Patio Mexican restaurant, the shop itself is a cozy, quirky nook with a giant blow-up unicorn perched on the roof and plenty of off-the-wall touches inside: neon signs, dangling Mickey Mouse ears, a swirling rainbow bubble mural, and a funhouse mirror.

And then there’s owner Rich Dolan, a kid at heart who, along with infusing his mint chip ice cream with fresh mint, infuses the whole shop with nostalgia, right down to the 1950s-style soda jerk hat he wears. Dolan didn’t want to create just any ice cream shop; he wanted the ice cream shop of his dreams — the kind of place where he can say, "It’s my ice cream shop, and I’ll have root beer on tap if I want."

All the better to build LIX's delicious root beer floats. Or sample the housemade waffle that comes dipped in chocolate and Froot Loops, ice cream sandwiches rolled in sprinkles, or small-batch flavors made with lactose-free milk and inspired by Dolan's favorite things, like mango sticky rice and Gansitos.
click to enlarge There's lots of eye candy at LIX Uptown Ice Cream. - ALLISON YOUNG
There's lots of eye candy at LIX Uptown Ice Cream.
Allison Young
LIX was almost another taco shop. When Dolan — a restaurant veteran with 25 years in the food business — decided to stop working for the Man and start working for himself, a mentor suggested that he open his own taco shop. But Dolan has always loved ice cream, and a gift to a neighbor sealed the deal.

“I stopped at Sprouts and picked up produce in season, sweet corn and raspberries, and made a roasted sweet corn and raspberry ice cream, which I hung on my neighbor’s door,” Dolan recalls. “She loved the ice cream so much that it ignited my passion, and that day I decided that ice cream was my taco shop.”

So what sets his ice cream apart? You could argue that it's the quality of the ingredients — fresh herbs, Ghirardelli chocolate, seasonal produce — or the fact that it's virtually lactose-free, but Dolan stands by his ice cream-making process. “We crank the music and have a dance party when we cook and churn,” says Dolan. “I truly believe all the positive energy we're putting out has a positive effect.”
click to enlarge LIX Uptown Ice Cream - ALLISON YOUNG
LIX Uptown Ice Cream
Allison Young
Whether you believe that adding love makes a difference, there’s no arguing with the taste. Rosemary Butter Pecan comes with a kiss of rosemary and bourbon. Ferrocious Chocolate is fiercely chocolate, with hefty chunks of Ferrero Rocher and a lacing of Nutella. Sweet Corn is simmered with salt and butter for a delicate, dreamy finish. Lil’ Miss Poundcake isn’t shy, a mix of organic strawberry preserves and pound cake that packs a punch. Dank Chocolate replaces half the cream with crème fraîche for a fresh, tangy spin on the traditional. And Turkish Coffee is intense and textured with Arabica beans and cardamom.

Even better, LIX’s fun is contagious. Order up your favorite flavor, in a cup or waffle cone, and you'll soon be feeling the sweet nostalgia of eating ice cream as a kid.

click to enlarge Order a root beer float at LIX and feel like a kid again. - ALLISON YOUNG
Order a root beer float at LIX and feel like a kid again.
Allison Young
LIX Uptown Ice Cream
611 West Osborn Road
Tuesday through Saturday, 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Sunday, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.; closed Monday.
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